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SWAG And It’s Ability to Add a Special Touch to Your Digital Event

With COVID-19 having an unpredictable nature, the way companies and businesses are going about their events is rapidly changing to adapt to a different outlet. Events that were once held in person and with face-to-face contact are now swiftly moving to a digital landscape. Some may say that holding a digital event may be a difficult task to do but there are some positive aspects to consider when thinking about your event.

With 54% of adults spending their time on smartphones, 63% on tablets and 49% spent on computers it seems like being online is where the consumers are going depending on who you’re targeting. It poses the question should we have been doing digital events in the first place? So now you know where your audience is spending time and now the important part is to get your audience to participate in your event and get them to engage and stay.

To do this effectively, make sure your brand’s identity stays prominent throughout the whole event. A perfect way to inject some energy and excitement into your event is through giveaways. Consumers like an incentive especially when a reward is given to them for little effort. It also provides the customer with a reason to engage. This engagement creates a positive relationship with your brand and the consumer. With that said, here are some items that you may want to consider having at your digital event.

The first item would be branded PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Everyone loves items that can be used on a daily basis and with our current situation things like masks, hand sanitizer or a multitool key can be very useful for our new day to day life. Having branded PPE would be a creative way to advertise your brand in an authentic and fun way.

With a majority of people now working from home, office supplies would be an ideal giveaway prize. Specifically pens that have dual uses such as also being a stylus. This is an item that surely will be used throughout the day tailored towards different needs but useable by all. Another great office supply giveaway to have is a journal or organizer to help keep their days structured.

Another thoughtful item to have are lanyards. They are typically given away at events that are in person but that doesn’t mean that they can’t get one at a digital event. Lanyards are also the type of item that holds sentimental value as well as functionality. So, giving something to your consumers to remember your brand can be a smart item to have.

The trend of events starting to convert to a digital landscape is truly something that will continue to be the new norm and finding ways to engage and entice an audience to participate can be difficult. But surely one of the ways to make an impact and reach them is to adapt an approach such as giveaways, is a way that will get consumers to attend.


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How Branded SWAG Can Your Help with Fall Stress

Fall 2020 is quickly approaching and that provides new challenges. Fall marks the time when the weather is cooling down,  which means that daily exercise breaks might not be as accessible. As the year is nearing closer to an end the busy season may be a few weeks away. Children are back to school and holidays are around the corner. A lot of changes have been made this year and adjustments can be quite stressful. But there are things that you can do as a brand that can encourage your employees and clients to destress and be on top of their game. Showing gratitude and concern over your employees can lead to a sense of appreciation and show that you care about your employees and clients. This leads to better attitudes and improved performance.

As the cold weather approaches getting outside for a quick break won’t be as convenient anymore. These outdoor breaks serve as a way to reduce stress and can be a source of ideation. This means that a potential outlet for stress for many may not be an option in the colder weather. So a new outlet is needed to provide stress relief. Attitudes and moods may change because of the colder temperatures and lack of sunshine. With a seasonal change taking place, it is important to take into account what mind frame and stress levels your employees have so that you can provide some help when dealing with stress

A lot of working families will have additional stress due to their children going back to school, as their health and safety is a top priority. The second part of the year has major holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas which can be used as something to look forward to. Being able to connect with family and friends can be an outlet for stress. But due to COVID-19 things may look different for this year. 

The later half of the year commonly marks the beginning of a busy season which means a heavier workload. With more work needed to be done in a new environment. Many people may see this as a challenge because they are not in a space where they can walk over to a colleague and easily ask for help. Stress can easily build up so it’s important to provide something that can be of use and remind them that their mental health is important and that they’re being appreciated.

Raising morale is key to a successful workforce. As an employer it is important to strengthen your relationship with your employees and encourage a healthy state of mind. An outlet for stress, a clear mind and a sense of gratitude can result in better performance. So here are some items that will help. 

The first item is something so simple but goes a long way. A stress ball is an underrated item that helps reduce stress because of its physical effects. David Posen, a stress expert, says  “at least some of that stress energy can be channeled towards a physical object”, referring to a stress ball. Being able to squeeze and release an item can help reduce stress because it allows the user to release pent up emotions. It also is a very cost-effective item that helps strengthen the hands. This could be very beneficial if the person has been clicking and typing away all day. 

The next item is something to remind them to take care of themselves and to prioritize their own physical and mental health. It seems like a typical item when it comes to self-care but a bath balm kit can be really rewarding. A gift set shows gratitude and the bath balm can help calm the mind and body. Aromatic scents also help with reducing stress, “Aromatherapy can reduce the perception of stress, increase contentment, and decrease levels of cortisol, the “stress hormone.”

The final item takes care of the mind completely. And is proven to reduce stress and calm the mind. “Coloring has the ability to relax the fear center of your brain, the amygdala. It induces the same state as meditating by reducing the thoughts of a restless mind. This generates mindfulness and quietness, which allows your mind to get some rest after a long day at work.” By taking the time to colour, it benefits the user because at that moment they are not thinking about what they are stressed about and can fully just relax. It is an item that has become extremely popular for its effects.

All these items can have a positive effect on the user and can be considered a gift of appreciation. They are all things that are cost-effective but also consume little effort to do. By providing these items you will promote better mental health and assist with helping their work life. With the year wrapping up a gift to make sure your employees and clients know that they are appreciated really makes a difference in their daily life. It is important to have your brand on these items when gifted so that you can make a deeper connection and show that you care about your employees and clients. At the end of the day we all experience stress, so a little gift of appreciation and use can go a long way. 


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How Can SWAG Help with Back-to-School

With people working from home, there has been a lot of restructuring of daily life to keep businesses running. About 8 months into the quarantine most would be expected to be settled. But there is one segment of the population that is going virtual and that is students. With a lot of educational institutions going online, this back-to-school season is the first of its kind. A lot of students may feel that they miss out on the experience. So how do you make sure that they have at least a small part of starting school again? Through branded swag. Part of going back to school is enjoying the culture and through branded swag it emphasizes school spirit. Being able to motivate and appreciate your students can go a long way and create a positive perspective of their school.

Returning to school usually means new friends, opportunities and experiences that are invaluable. It’s a chance to grow and learn. But this year for a lot of students won’t be getting that. Events such as Frosh week are no longer being held. Making new friends has become harder and connecting with the community will become a challenge. Even things like meeting with professors will feel different. The risk of having a student feeling isolated is high. What could result from this is a bad perception of their college as well feeling highly unmotivated. 

The key to a high student morale is to make them feel included and thought of. Even though classes are being held online it’s very important to provide a tangible experience because it makes them feel involved and included. A branded item will do 3 things to motivate students and increase school spirit. The first is that it will make the student feel welcomed. The second is that it will make them feel like they are part of a community. And thirdly be of use to the student. It is important to note that if your item is branded and is useful to the person, it will create a positive association with that brand. Everyone wants to feel like they belong and have a purpose. The result will be more motivated students that will complete their semester because they have a better outlook on their online learning experience. 

There are certain items that would be suitable for a college experience. The first would be apparel, specifically T-shirts and Hoodies or Sweaters. Being able to wear something and know that others will be wearing the same thing makes you feel like you’re part of a community and that you are not isolated.

 The second item would be a tumbler. This item would serve the purpose of making a student feel like they are thought of as well as promote a better lifestyle. This will definitely be an item that they will be using regularly. 

Reusable masks are also an essential part of our daily lives now and have to be used everywhere. By having a branded mask the person will get a sense of community because that person goes to the same school as them. This will also serve to create connections with other potential students and create a positive experience.

Students are the one segment of the population where their adjustments are being made later in the year and it’s important to make their transition as smooth as possible. For a lot it means new beginnings. These items will make their virtual back-to-school experience a lot better. Items that they can use repeatedly and make them part of a community will make them feel like their school cares about them and in-turn have a better outlook on the experience. 

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Navigating the PPE Market with Adam Scher

Our VP Adam Scher has been at the helm of PPE procurement over the last few months. Listen to his talk on the PPE market and what Score Promotions is doing to secure safety and sanitary products.

Looking to purchase PPE or other safety products for your organization? Reach out to us at for a quote now.

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Keeping Company Culture Alive While Working Remote

Company culture is one of the most powerful sources of your business’ competitive advantage; culture is hard for competitors to replicate. Culture is as important to your success as your strategy, because it affects your biggest asset – your employees.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, and era of social distancing, most organizations have had to implement a virtual workplace quite quickly. If this is a completely new type of work environment within your company, your employees will feel the shift in culture. Your employees may be feeling vulnerable right now, so focusing on their experience is key to managing productivity, maintaining viability and strengthening your culture.

An engaging and effective company culture will help your company ease into this new way of working. Managing in a crisis is never easy, and these uncertain times will have a profound impact on morale. Focusing on maintaining a healthy company culture will help keep your employees engaged and enthusiastic about their jobs. Here are a few things you can do to help foster your company culture during COVID-19.

  • Reinforce your core values and stay true to them. Demonstrate your culture inside and outside of your company. Don’t let the pandemic steer you away from what you value.
  • Communicate regularly and openly; over-communication is never a bad thing in this situation. Whether you’re talking about the company’s overall vision, or the specifics of a project, its better to leave it all out in the open so that your team members can make the best decisions.
  • Flexibility and empathy are also important during this time. Focus on the needs of your employees and proactively address their concerns. Everyone is in the same boat trying to navigate this new way of life, while managing the unique needs of their own.
  • Encourage strong connections between employees; use technology to your advantage and host virtual events! There are endless possibilities – weekly happy hour trivia games, encouraging having coffee or lunch breaks over video chat, etc.

Sending swag is a great way to enforce your company values and to show your employees appreciation. Branded care packages or uplifting items show employees that your company is committed to its’ employees. Personal touches go a long way – does this person have children? What about a pet? Do they have everything they need for their work from home station? For social virtual events you could send out an item for your weekly happy hour. If you want to encourage your employees to get active, why not put together a home workout kit? The solutions are endless, but here are a few products we think your employees will appreciate:

Stay Fit Kits

Help keep your employees happy and healthy with a weekly lunch time Zoom workout session paired with branded fitness equipment.

Work From Home Kits

Do your employees have everything they need for their work from home station? Send them everything they need to feel comfortable and part of a team.

Staff Social Activities

Planning a social happy hour for your employees? Why not send them some themed gifts to use?

Recognize Great Work

Do you have employees going above and beyond and you want to recognize them for their work? Why not give their desk a makeover with a branded office supplies bundle.

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Sustainable Promo Products


Due to communication technology being so accessible and fast customers are more informed than ever, and their voices are loud. Whether it be social media, polls, or blogs, consumers are voicing their consumption needs to businesses and enforcing it with their wallets. Currently, their voting dollars are letting companies know that they need to start being more socially responsible with their products in terms of sustaining the well-being of mother earth.   

What are sustainable items?

In a nutshell, sustainable items are essentially products that, in some way, help mitigate pollution and waste plaguing the environment. Whether that be products/packaging that are reusable, bio-degradable, use clean energy, made from recycled material or support green programs from their proceeds. Regardless of which avenue is chosen, it’s considered “sustainable”.

Why is this important?

Several reputable sources state the condition of our planet is currently in a downwards spiral and add that if we don’t start making changes, and fast, our future doesn’t look bright. At this point, this is just common knowledge. So, why should you care? Besides helping the planet you should care because….well…. consumers care, and they care a lot. The green market use to simply be a niche market but is now exponentially growing into a customer standard. Eatery, carry on’s, accessories, apparel, and even the technology market is starting to incorporate sustainability into their products. Consumers are willing to pay extra if it means helping the planet and it is an easy way to build good customer relationship and trust in your brand. Whether you like it or not this trend will keep gaining traction, so don’t get left behind. Start integrating sustainability into your business today with some of these hot products.

Reusable Stainless Straw Set with Eco Tube

Let’s start simple, many companies have already started getting rid of traditional single use plastic straws. The alternative for commercial use is paper straws, and metal straws are now the go to for personal use. This set, in particular, comes with 3 sizes made of stainless steel. Because of the different diameters of the straws they conveniently fit within one another to minimize their storage size. They also come with a wheat straw carrying case and wire cleaner. As an added bonus this set is apart of green program called “ecoSmart” which donates 1% of the proceeds donated to nonprofits dedicated to protecting the planet.

Vert 13oz Wheat Straw Mug

Help make office spaces more sustainable with these stylish wheat straw mugs. Wheat straw is a biproduct of harvested wheat fields that usually contributes to waste.  By using it as an alternative to glass or plastic we decrease its eco-footprint. Available in Beige, charcoal or grey with a custom logo option. Also, part of the ecoSmart program.

Essential 8oz Cotton Grocery Tote

Along with straws plastic grocery bags are one of the biggest hot topics in the current market, highly due to mass volume. Made with beautiful cotton canvas help eliminate hundreds of plastic bags throughout the lifespan of one tote.

FUNCTION Erasable Gel Ballpoint

 Quality ergonomic pens with erasable gel ink. Helps reduce amount of paper waste without decreasing quality. Write freely without fear of making mistakes and know that every erase is helping make our environment cleaner.

Bamboo Fiber Lunch Box with Utensil Pocket

Why bamboo? It grows extremely quick, has zero need for pesticides when growing, and is a strong and durable material. Inside the lunch box is storage for the included utensils and an adjustable divider to allow for several storage configurations. Comes in beige, grey and black and is also part of the ecoSmart program.

Mesh Convention Tote

Another great addition to your grocery shopping trip. Made from riviera cotton, this produce tote will reduce plastic bag waste. Includes interior zipper pouch which is great to store smaller items.

RFID Card holder

Keep your cards safe from digital theft with this wheat straw card holder. RFID technology blocks any unwanted digital data transfers. Another product associated with the wonderful ecoSmart program.

Cotton Drawstring Bag

Elegant string bag made from pre-consumed recycled cotton. Measures at 16.5’’ by 14’’ with customizable logo option. Great for running quick errands and packing light. Partnered with ecoSmart.

3 Piece Travel Pouch Set

Take your sustainable habits overseas with this 3-piece travel pouch. Great for travel accessories or when you need to travel light. Besides being made of recycled, preconsumed cotton, this item is also part of the ecoSmart program.

Zigoo Bottle

Collapsible 18oz bottle made of silicone. 9.2 inches when filled but can collapse to almost half of the height when needed for efficient storage. A big incentive to use as main source of water and decrease use of hundreds of plastic water bottles a year. Durable, lightweight., and BPA free.

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How Custom Packaging Can Strengthen Your Brand

First Impressions

Do you remember your last job interview? You probably put on your best dress clothes, spent extra time on your hair, and got to the location a couple minutes early. Why all the effort? It’s because you really wanted the job. You really wanted the job and knew that if you made a good first impression your chances of getting hired would be pretty good. The same can go for product packaging…..  kind of. Besides a couple of clicks on your website, or cold calls, a customer’s first interaction with your brand may very well be unboxing their purchased goods. Unfortunately, there is a good chance that purchase will come in the infamous cheap cardboard packaging, not very exciting or memorable. Yes, it is a more cost-effective option but if you want to start building a strong customer loyalty base you need to stand out. You don’t necessarily need to go too fancy either, a simple logo and consistent color scheme can be all it takes to leave a lasting impression.

Is it really that important?

The short answer, yes. Like your company logo, your packaging can convey a lot about your business. This can include core values, origins, industry, culture, quality, and so much more. Will it most likely end up in the garbage immediately after being opened?  Probably, but the impression it will leave can be invaluable. Whenever you see anything custom a few things may come to mind, professional, premium, exciting, effort, and, most importantly, memorable. Think of packaging as one of many ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors. In saturated markets product differentiation can be difficult, so presentation might be the way to go. There is a plethora of design options available when choosing the right type of packaging, we’ll talk about that later.    

More than just a package

Think outside the box, you can use your packaging as an opportunity for other avenues. Use the space as a blank canvas for marketing, for instance. Besides plastering your name, logo and company colors you can add promotions, URLs, contest information, or anything important you need to communicate. One example of this is to print an event schedule on complementary pop sockets when hosting events. This could be great way to You can also use your packaging to show support to causes that align with your brand. Bio-degradable boxes can be a great way to connect to the green community. You can even do something more short term, like pink packaging during breast cancer awareness month. If your company doesn’t associate with any specific cause it can personalize during the holiday season. Christmas or Easter themed packaging are very well received by consumers.

Sounds Great! But How does This Help Me?

I mentioned that using your packaging to communicate who you are to your consumer base is important, but why is that? Well, for one, it helps them get to know your brand and creates a unique relationship based on trust and promise. If you can communicate your company mission to your customers effectively, they will resonate with your products if they carry similar values. Let us use the bio-degradable boxes as an example. The Eco-friendly Trend has been soaring and individuals are emotionally connected to the cause. It’s a tough trend on business’ because they are partly responsible for the problem. Making an effort to “go green”, even if it’s as simple as limiting waste with packaging, shows you acknowledge and want to support the situation. You can take it a step further and use materials that fertilizes and plants seeds when discarded. Since consumers are so emotionally invested, they take that effort personal and begin to trust the intentions of your brand. Without making a single change to your core product, you just created value to your consumer base.

Bottom line

It may take a bit more money and time, but custom packaging can be a major asset to your brand. It will make you stand out amongst competitors and resonate well with customers. You’ll be seen as unique and memorable instead of just another cardboard box. You might be wondering how to get started? A simple google search will give you an endless list of companies that specialize in this market. Some will require you provide them digital proofs while others will help you design and bring your ideas to life. Luckily, we at Score Promotions offer both services.