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Use Swag Effectively to Drive Connection & Engagement in the Age of Covid

With the current global situation a lot of the workforce are staying at home. Traditional approaches to marketing such as out-of-home ads and experiential events are no longer a sustainable option for promoting a brand. 

So this poses the question of how we can shift our marketing dollars to something that is more suitable in today’s situation. Just because everyone’s staying at  home, doesn’t mean that events should stop happening. The focus must be changed in order to reach the appropriate audience at home. One of the main things about an event is the feeling of the atmosphere and ambiance.  Being there in person is much different from an online virtual conference.

A great way to help bring that feeling to individuals at home is to offer swag. It is a marketing tactic that can be effective in creating a sense of inclusion. Swag is not only a means of inclusion but it’s a driver for creating excitement and anticipation. It has an ability to reach consumers and bring in engagement whether it be an online experience or contest.

Another question to pose is that since staying home is mandated how do people go about their methods of purchase? Since the start of the pandemic, online commerce has seen a rise in use. According to Statistics Canada 44 percent of Canadians have been spending more money online. Since a big percent of the population is moving to online sources, it would be worth converting some of your in-store sales to become digitally accessible. E-stores have become a huge part of that change.

A good way to promote your brand is dedicating an online store to have merchandise that is branded. Brand awareness and loyalty are detrimental to one’s business, so when things like in-store specials and launching parties are not available. But a way to combat that is to have an E-store. 

At Score Promotions we offer this service that includes a storefront that has access to: order history account balance product inventory budget Information logos. A robust reporting system that includes: sales, inventory, product activity and  user accounts. And more importantly all of the design and build and maintenance is done in-house by the E-store and Programs teams. This could be a huge advantage seeing that a lot of purchases are made online. To learn more visit:

Another great option for promotional marketing is using swag that incorporates tech and hard goods in one. A great technological feature that is starting to be incorporated in many swag items is NFC (Near-Field Communication). This is the same technology that is used in bank cards and mobile devices for payment. It allows for easy, quick and convenient delivery of information. An item that uses NFC are notebooks. These notebooks have NFC technology incorporated into the spine of the notebook so you can design it to automatically bring a user’s phone to a virtual link with just a tap. It’s a great way to raise awareness and promote your brand in a fast and convenient way. 

Another way to market your brand is through sublimation or full colour packaging. Design is a very special aspect to promoting because it intrigues and attracts attention from consumers. There is a process in which an item can be fully coloured and printed on without restraints called sublimation or digital print. This type of printing allows for many possibilities because there are no limits to what can be put on an item and creativity limitless.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that since more consumers can be found online, there will be the aspect of shipping to consider. At Score Promotions we have the resources to complete drop shipping which means to ship swag to individual addresses to ensure the package arrives conveniently and securely to the destination. This is especially important as it shows your brand and company as reliable.

The final item provides the full experience from packaging to the items inside. A video box is a new way to ensure the experience of opening a gift is present. 

A video box includes a screen where it can be programmed to play a video with audio when the box is opened. A display is placed on the top of the box so that it can be one of the first things to experience when receiving it. This video box is a great way to give an employee/ client or consumer an experience that will leave a long lasting impression. These boxes are also well suited for award giving and recognition because they add a special touch, especially when accomplishments like that should be celebrated with others.

Promoting your brand to consumers, clients and employees is an essential part of creating and maintaining good business. And just because audiences have decreased their attention from traditional sources of promotion does not mean that there should be a halt on maintaining and creating relationships. A good business knows how to adapt and change course when problems occur. The methods and items listed above are unique ways of continuing to market to others. At Score Promotions we are able to provide these services and would gladly help because #WeBrandEverything.


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