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Holiday Items That Are Perfect For Virtual Parties

The holiday season is quickly approaching and this year holiday events might have to be done differently. An option that could be useful is getting together virtually. Of course it wouldn’t be the same, but there are ways to make the most out of the situation.

Virtual get-togethers have been a quite the popular event this year and it looks like it will ride out for longer. We’ve seen them prove their capability through companies running entirely remote to other events, tradeshows and conferences that have transformed into virtual, all being extremely successful.

In order to stay safe and healthy, a virtual holiday party may be your perfect solution. But that doesn’t mean it has to be the plain and static video call that you’re thinking of! There are some items that can help make the night a little bit more exciting and cozy for this special holiday season. So here are some brandable products that you might want to consider sending to attendees so that throwing your virtual party is a successful night of fun and laughs. 

1080P Webcam with Microphone

Everyone has a webcam connected to their laptop but it isn’t always the greatest quality. That’s why having this 1080P Webcam with Microphone is a great asset. Show up to the virtual party in high quality and enjoy the night.

Skullcandy Sesh Evo True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Another essential for a virtual party are a good set of earbuds. These Skullcandy Sesh Evo True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are fully wireless. They come with a charging case that gives the earbuds a battery life of 24 hours. The earbuds have built in microphones so you can keep connected and make phone calls. 

Music Beat Activated String Lights

Add some energy into your screen and spark some fun with these Music Beat Activated String Lights. Put on some music and see the lights change colour and dance to the beat. It’ll be sure to inject some energy into the night.


This AURABOX 2.0™ WIRELESS SPEAKER is the perfect way to amp up the party and create a nice atmosphere. The speaker is bluetooth compatible and is able to create designs and pictures so it can become fully customizable. The speaker also features a thermometer, smart clock, games, a messaging system and more. 

LiveWell Candle Set

If you want something that’s more relaxed and want to make a cozy environment this LiveWell Candle Set creates the perfect ambiance. The candle also doubles as a plant for when the candle is done burning. Create the ambiance and have a plant as decor after its used up. 

Luxury Comfort Flannel Fleece Blanket

Another way to stay cozy and relaxed throughout the get together is with this Luxury Comfort Flannel Fleece Blanket. Its ultra plush soft touch feel will leave you wanting to wrap up in it for the whole party. 

Tahoe Tea & Coffee Ceramic Mug with Wood Lid 16o

What is a holiday party without having something warm to keep you feeling relaxed and awake. With this Tahoe Tea & Coffee Ceramic Mug with Wood Lid 16oz it will keep your drinks nice and warm for when you’re taking sips and enjoying the call.

USB Mug Warmer

And if you’re the type to take your time savouring your drink then this USB Mug Warmer will keep your drinks hot as you enjoy yourself and spend time at the party. It’s a tech item that’s great to have and can keep your drinks warm. 

Belgio Insulated Double Wine Tote

If your choice of drink for the night is wine then this Belgio Insulated Double Wine Tote is the perfect fit to keep your wine insulated. With its deep front pocket and side pockets it makes a perfect fit to keep wine in. The tote also includes a stainless steel corkscrew. 

Black Marble Cheese Board Set

A party is also not complete without a snack. Cheese and wine go hand in hand. This Black Marble Cheese Board Set is the perfect way to cut up some snacks and munch away. It features 4 different tools to work with. The board also features a nice black marble that gives it a chic look. 

This year may not be what we expected but there are ways to keep tradition and fun alive while ensuring everyone stays safe. These are just a few items that could make virtual parties more exciting. Keep in mind all these items can be branded and customized to make sure that your brand makes an impact and helps spread the cheer. At Score Promotions #WeBrandEverything

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