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Your Brand In The Kitchen: Why Cooking & Kitchen Products Make Great Branding Items

The kitchen is an underrated space in the home. It’s a space that’s used the most and commonly passed through everyday by everyone. It’s a versatile area of the home that combines the aspects of quality time and nourishment, and thus, the kitchen packs more importance than one thinks.

This is why it is important as a brand to include items in that space into their promotional merchandise repertoire. Creating connections and experiences in the journey to making your brand relevant. If you brand an item that is used constantly a then you aid consumers with their daily life and can create a connection.

In today’s world almost anything can be branded and there is a much better selection of items that can be customized. Items that are practical but also offer a polished aesthetic are definitely appreciated in the kitchen. It also helps to select items to gift that serve more than one purpose as clutter tends to accumulate. So here are some items that provide space saving features while maintaining sleek design. 

2 in 1 Spatula Whisk

The 2 in 1 Spatula Whisk is a prime example of an item that saves room and provides practicality. This item serves as a whisk and can be turned into a spatula which is perfect for making meals, especially when cooking up some breakfast.

Marble and Bamboo Set

This  Marble and Bamboo Coaster Set is perfect for dining tables. It provides a nice organic finish with its bamboo while still including marble for a polished and classy look. With this coaster you’re able to engrave your logo or message so that your brand is always at the bottom of the cup. 

Wine & Spirit Companion

Speaking of cups, a dinner experience has to be paired with a soothing cup of wine. This Wine & Spirit Companion comes with 5 functions including: corkscrew, bottle opener, knife blade, serrated blade and magnifying glass for label reading. To top it off it has a beautiful stainless steel finish that completes a classy look. 

Adjusting Measuring Spoon

This adjusting measuring spoon helps lower the clutter of measuring spoons which comes in one slim package. It is an item that is sure to help with baking and trying out new recipes.

Tablet or Recipe Book Stand with Ballpoint Stylus

Trying out new recipes in the kitchen has been a new way to spend time and this Tablet or Recipe Book Stand with Ballpoint Stylus is the perfect companion. It’s able to prop up any device or book so that you can keep your hands free. And because it is made of bamboo it will fit right in with the kitchen. 

Salt and Pepper Mill

This stainless steel Salt and Pepper Mill features a slick and sleek design that features a combined barrel that separates the salt and pepper saving room and decluttering the kitchen. Engraving can be done on the top of the barrel for customizing to be done. 

Hot Mess Apron

Apparel is an important part of branding and aprons are no exception. This apron is available in many rich bold colours and can be customized with any logo/message to add a special component to it.

Bamboo 4-Piece Kitchen Tool Set Canister

Finally, a kitchen isn’t complete without a set of useful tools. This set is completely made of bamboo and has a nice and vibrant colour to it. The set includes: rounded fork, single hole mixing spoon, turner spatula and spoon. Customization can be done on the front of the canister. 

These are all items that are essential to the kitchen that are used multiple times throughout the day. They all provide practical use and a great deal of style. Having your brand on these items is especially important because it helps strengthen the connection increasing brand perception within their homes. The kitchen is often an overlooked part of the home when it comes to brand awareness so utilizing this space will put your brand one step ahead. 

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