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Products That Show Clients Mental Health Is A Priority

Taking care of your mental health is one of the many things that we should all be striving to do, specially during these unprecedented times. Everyday we are trying to get things done and reach towards our goals, sometimes making time for ourselves gets overlooked and put on the back burners. Our lives are full of ups and downs, and everyday we experience emotions that are good and bad. These emotions can impact us in deep ways that we don’t even notice until one day you’re not feeling yourself and you don’t know why. That it is why it is so important to take care of all aspects of your body, especially what’s going on inside your head. Here are a few ways to help soothe your mind and your heart so that you can actively take your mental health as a priority.


Aromatherapy is a great way to help with stress and anxiety. It is a holistic treatment that uses scents, specifically essential oils. Aromatherapy is used to improve the body, mind and spirit while providing physiological and physical benefits. A study published by the Journal of Advanced Nursing showed that aromatherapy helped intensive care patients feel less anxious and positive immediately. To help you get into aromatics, here are some items that include the benefits of aromatherapy:

Silhouette Candle

Candles are a great way to relax and enjoy scents. Enjoy a various array of scents and set the mood for your mind. 

Bali Portable Humidifier/ Scented Oil Diffuser

This Bali Portable Humidifier/ Scented Oil Diffuser is great for adding moisture to the air you breathe. By adding a few drops of essential oils to it, you can make your work area a relaxed environment. 

Tranquility 3-Piece Spa Scent Gift Set

Another way to enjoy aromatics is when you’re bathing. This 3-piece tranquility set is perfect for baths and treating yourself to relaxing scents while enjoying a bath. 


Since everyone is spending more time at home this means more people are more inclined to cook. Cooking can act as a form of relaxation and can help with mental stress and anxiety because it is a form of expression as well as doing something physical. The founder of Culinary Art therapy said:

“Cooking at home, or other places are good for your mental health because cooking is an act of patience, mindfulness, an outlet for creative expression, a means of communication, and helps to raise one’s self esteem as the cook can feel good about doing something positive for their family, themselves or loved ones”. 

Cooking can be an activity that has many benefits that help with coping, anxiety and stress. So here are some items that can be added to the kitchen for when you’re ready to cook and take your mind off things:

Python Dinner Dice Game

This Python Dinner Dice Game will allow you to explore different recipes and ingredients without having to give it too much thought. It can be a fun and exciting way to incorporate new foods into meals. 

Bamboo 4-piece Kitchen Tool Set and Canister

Another good tool that will get you inspired to cook is this Bamboo 4-piece Kitchen Tool Set and Canister. The set is entirely made of bamboo and will come in handy when cooking something tasty in the kitchen.

Jamie Oliver 5 Ingredients

Another way to feed the mind and body in the kitchen is exploring new recipes. Jamie Oliver shows you how easy it is to make something quick, easy and healthy.


Another way to work on your mental health is being able to nurture and take care of something. Specifically, plants. According to the University of Brandman,  “Gardening has been proven to be an effective method for combating stress. In fact, studies have found that it can reduce cortisol levels in participants’ blood samples”. Here are some accessible indoor gardening options that are easy and convenient: 

LiveWell Glow & Grow Gift Set

With the LiveWell Glow & Grow Gift Set you can enjoy the aroma of the candle and when it’s done go ahead and plant the non-GMO seeds that come with the candle in the same container. The set includes soilless grow medium, plant food and activated carbon. The plants available to grow are: Herb Garden with Basil Seeds, Desert Oasis with Aloe Seeds, Wildflower with Daisy Seeds.

Air Plant

Air plants are a great way to have plants around your space without needing to have a lot of physical space. The nice thing about air plants is that they are very low maintenance and can be easily taken care of for beginners.

Grow Your Own Herbal Tea Set

Finally this convenient Grow Your Own Herbal Tea Set has everything you need to make sure you enjoy a cup of tea. The set comes with seeds, starter soil and wooden plant stakes.

Comfortable & Cozy 

Lastly finding comfort in luxury can be very rewarding for your mind and soul. Taking the time to indulge yourself with things that make your body feel relaxed can reduce stress and anxiety. This can be anything from a comfy blanket to a nice cup of coffee. After all, working and taking care of daily tasks can be tiring so a reward is needed. Here are some items that can help with that:

Buffalo Plaid Ultra Plush Throw Blanket

This Buffalo Plaid Ultra Plush Throw Blanket is sure to make any spot in the house comfy. With an assortment of colours it will fit in with any room.

Fuzzy Reading Socks

While you’re sipping your tea and reading a book these reading socks are a great way to complete the package. With it’s shearling interior it will definitely keep your feet warm.

Oasis Handheld Massage Roller Ball

The Oasis Handheld Massage Roller Ball is perfect for when the long work days are over. Roll it over all over your body to get quick relief of stiff muscles and feel rejuvenated.

At the end of the day, everyone is trying their best, but sometimes the daily pressures of life become too much without even realizing it. That’s why it is important to actively participate in taking care of your mental health whether it be by relaxing and enjoying the benefits of aromatherapy or keeping your hands busy while cooking. Mental health is extremely important especially in time like this. So from Score Promotions, take care.


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