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Trends for Winter 2020/2021

Entering a new season means new and interesting trends that could take over for the year. In this article we’re going to be taking a look at 5 trends that will emerge in the later end of this year and leading into 2021. These new shifts in styles and trends could result in great gift-giving and end of the year recognition pieces. The 5 main trends are: Health & Exercise, PPE, Quality Time at Home, Convenience and Eco-friendly and Sustainable items. Here’s why we think these trends will make a big impact on gift giving this holiday season.

1. Health and Exercise 

Our first craze is Health and Exercise. The cold weather is inevitable and can make accessibility to exercise more challenging. With warm weather allowing people to do outdoor activities, there needs to be an alternative when the weather gets cooler especially when places like the gym are still shared exercise spaces. Indoor exercise equipment that is versatile and convenient easily is an alternative to this dilemma. 

Everlast Exercise Ball with Drawstring Sportspack

This Everlast exercise ball that comes with a drawstring backpack is versatile and allows for many types of exercises that engage different parts of the body. It’s very convenient too because it is light and can be moved to different spaces.

Cobra Fitness and Yoga Mat

Another versatile fitness accessory would be this Cobra Fitness and Yoga mat. The mat comes with a carrying bag and is perfect for any indoor exercises. It is easily accessible for stretching or light workouts.

2. PPE

The second trend has been around since the start of this year and does not seem like it’s going to end. PPE (personal protective equipment) is still essential to our everyday lives and is used by everyone. Aside from the regular hand sanitizer and mask, there are some new items that will make a surge in popularity. Here are some of the PPE Items that will definitely make an impact:

UV Sanitizer

This is a UV phone sanitizer that disinfects your phone or any small tech item by using UV light. It doubles as a wireless phone charger to maximize its use and keeps the things you use most clean without harsh disinfectants.

No Contact Key Chain

A no contact key chain can come in handy when doing errands around town. Keeping your hands clean and safe by opening doors or entering pins with it will ensure you stay healthy.

Grocery Tote with Antimicrobial Additive

This is a grocery tote with anti-microbial additives that’s constructed into the bag to prevent growth of bacteria. This allows you to not have to worry about germs when bringing it back home. It also serves as a great alternative to plastic bags.

3. Quality Time at Home

Because of social distancing and the colder winter months, there will evidently be more time spent at home with families and loved ones. This will be a time where everyone wants to relax and enjoy the company of others at home. Games and Blankets will be widely popular in this category. 

Tumbling Tower Wood Block Stacking Game

The Tumbling Tower Wood Block Stacking Game is a classic take on Jenga that is easy to play and set up. Sit around with the family and enjoy a fun time. 

Lifestyle 7-in-1 Desktop Game Set

If the family is more into games that take a bit more brain power this Lifestyle 7-in-1 Desktop Game Set is perfect. The set includes game boards (on both sides of the lid) and game pieces for checkers, chess and backgammon, 28 dominoes, cribbage board and pegs, a standard deck of cards, four dice, and an instruction booklet.

Roll-Up Fleece Blanket with Carrying Strap

This Roll-Up Fleece Blanket with Carrying Strap is a cozy addition to the house that proves its convenience. With it’s roll-up carrying strap it can be taken anywhere or even used as a mat.

4. Convenience

The fourth trend we predict is that the need for more convenient items will increase as our lives become busier. Items that are compact and serve multiple purposes provide a sense of satisfaction when they are in need. Below are some items that do just that: 

Zigoo Silicone Collapsible Bottle 18oz

The Zigoo Silicone Collapsible Bottle 18oz keeps drinks cold and provides a way to save room in your bag. With its easily collapsible body it can be bought anywhere with you while taking up little space.

Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Charging Power Bank

Wireless charging is becoming the normal for all new tech accessories. But with the Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Charging Power Bank you can have a portable charger as well as a speaker for those times when you need to charge up at an outing. 

Tahoe Tea & Coffee Ceramic Mug with Wood Lid 16oz

Ceramics are becoming common in drinkware and the Tahoe Tea & Coffee Ceramic Mug with Wood Lid is one of the best. With its ceramic body the mug is dishwasher and microwave safe. The mug also comes with a wooden lid and groove to hold tea bags. 

5. Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Items

Eco-friendly and sustainable items are becoming more accessible and a variety of items can be found that support the earth. Not only are the materials made from recycled and responsibly sourced materials there are also initiatives such as 1% For The Planet which donates 1% of EcoSmart item sales to non profits, which means that you are helping out in more than one way.

FInal Straw 2.0

The FinalStraw 2.0 is collapsible straw that comes with a convenient case that is completely collapsible. Small enough to fit on your keychain, it can be taken with you anywhere you go. This item helps reduce the numbers of one-use plastic straws.

Organic Cotton Pleated Mask

The Organic Cotton Pleated Mask is made with organic cotton and provides a slit in the back to insert a filter. Not only is this mask reusable which cuts down on waste but it is also an EcoSmart item and contributes back to  1% For the Planet.

Bamboo Fiber Lunch Box with Cutting Board Lid

The Bamboo Fiber Lunch Box with Cutting Board Lid is also part of the 1% For The Planet initiative and the top of the container is made with bamboo and doubles as a cutting board.

It is to be expected that these trends will last through the end of the year and into early 2021 as the year wraps up. The need for items that promote health, ensure safety, engage with loved ones, are convenient, and help the earth will surely provide a lot of ideas for the upcoming holiday season. These are items that will spark interest of many and serve a purpose for many moments. Not to mention that all of the above items can be branded as well to provide a special touch. As we wait for what trends will emerge in 2021, the ones created in 2020 will provide gifts that won’t disappoint. 

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