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SWAG And It’s Ability to Add a Special Touch to Your Digital Event

With COVID-19 having an unpredictable nature, the way companies and businesses are going about their events is rapidly changing to adapt to a different outlet. Events that were once held in person and with face-to-face contact are now swiftly moving to a digital landscape. Some may say that holding a digital event may be a difficult task to do but there are some positive aspects to consider when thinking about your event.

With 54% of adults spending their time on smartphones, 63% on tablets and 49% spent on computers it seems like being online is where the consumers are going depending on who you’re targeting. It poses the question should we have been doing digital events in the first place? So now you know where your audience is spending time and now the important part is to get your audience to participate in your event and get them to engage and stay.

To do this effectively, make sure your brand’s identity stays prominent throughout the whole event. A perfect way to inject some energy and excitement into your event is through giveaways. Consumers like an incentive especially when a reward is given to them for little effort. It also provides the customer with a reason to engage. This engagement creates a positive relationship with your brand and the consumer. With that said, here are some items that you may want to consider having at your digital event.

The first item would be branded PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Everyone loves items that can be used on a daily basis and with our current situation things like masks, hand sanitizer or a multitool key can be very useful for our new day to day life. Having branded PPE would be a creative way to advertise your brand in an authentic and fun way.

With a majority of people now working from home, office supplies would be an ideal giveaway prize. Specifically pens that have dual uses such as also being a stylus. This is an item that surely will be used throughout the day tailored towards different needs but useable by all. Another great office supply giveaway to have is a journal or organizer to help keep their days structured.

Another thoughtful item to have are lanyards. They are typically given away at events that are in person but that doesn’t mean that they can’t get one at a digital event. Lanyards are also the type of item that holds sentimental value as well as functionality. So, giving something to your consumers to remember your brand can be a smart item to have.

The trend of events starting to convert to a digital landscape is truly something that will continue to be the new norm and finding ways to engage and entice an audience to participate can be difficult. But surely one of the ways to make an impact and reach them is to adapt an approach such as giveaways, is a way that will get consumers to attend.


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