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How Can SWAG Help with Back-to-School

With people working from home, there has been a lot of restructuring of daily life to keep businesses running. About 8 months into the quarantine most would be expected to be settled. But there is one segment of the population that is going virtual and that is students. With a lot of educational institutions going online, this back-to-school season is the first of its kind. A lot of students may feel that they miss out on the experience. So how do you make sure that they have at least a small part of starting school again? Through branded swag. Part of going back to school is enjoying the culture and through branded swag it emphasizes school spirit. Being able to motivate and appreciate your students can go a long way and create a positive perspective of their school.

Returning to school usually means new friends, opportunities and experiences that are invaluable. It’s a chance to grow and learn. But this year for a lot of students won’t be getting that. Events such as Frosh week are no longer being held. Making new friends has become harder and connecting with the community will become a challenge. Even things like meeting with professors will feel different. The risk of having a student feeling isolated is high. What could result from this is a bad perception of their college as well feeling highly unmotivated. 

The key to a high student morale is to make them feel included and thought of. Even though classes are being held online it’s very important to provide a tangible experience because it makes them feel involved and included. A branded item will do 3 things to motivate students and increase school spirit. The first is that it will make the student feel welcomed. The second is that it will make them feel like they are part of a community. And thirdly be of use to the student. It is important to note that if your item is branded and is useful to the person, it will create a positive association with that brand. Everyone wants to feel like they belong and have a purpose. The result will be more motivated students that will complete their semester because they have a better outlook on their online learning experience. 

There are certain items that would be suitable for a college experience. The first would be apparel, specifically T-shirts and Hoodies or Sweaters. Being able to wear something and know that others will be wearing the same thing makes you feel like you’re part of a community and that you are not isolated.

 The second item would be a tumbler. This item would serve the purpose of making a student feel like they are thought of as well as promote a better lifestyle. This will definitely be an item that they will be using regularly. 

Reusable masks are also an essential part of our daily lives now and have to be used everywhere. By having a branded mask the person will get a sense of community because that person goes to the same school as them. This will also serve to create connections with other potential students and create a positive experience.

Students are the one segment of the population where their adjustments are being made later in the year and it’s important to make their transition as smooth as possible. For a lot it means new beginnings. These items will make their virtual back-to-school experience a lot better. Items that they can use repeatedly and make them part of a community will make them feel like their school cares about them and in-turn have a better outlook on the experience. 

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