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Keeping Company Culture Alive While Working Remote

Company culture is one of the most powerful sources of your business’ competitive advantage; culture is hard for competitors to replicate. Culture is as important to your success as your strategy, because it affects your biggest asset – your employees.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, and era of social distancing, most organizations have had to implement a virtual workplace quite quickly. If this is a completely new type of work environment within your company, your employees will feel the shift in culture. Your employees may be feeling vulnerable right now, so focusing on their experience is key to managing productivity, maintaining viability and strengthening your culture.

An engaging and effective company culture will help your company ease into this new way of working. Managing in a crisis is never easy, and these uncertain times will have a profound impact on morale. Focusing on maintaining a healthy company culture will help keep your employees engaged and enthusiastic about their jobs. Here are a few things you can do to help foster your company culture during COVID-19.

  • Reinforce your core values and stay true to them. Demonstrate your culture inside and outside of your company. Don’t let the pandemic steer you away from what you value.
  • Communicate regularly and openly; over-communication is never a bad thing in this situation. Whether you’re talking about the company’s overall vision, or the specifics of a project, its better to leave it all out in the open so that your team members can make the best decisions.
  • Flexibility and empathy are also important during this time. Focus on the needs of your employees and proactively address their concerns. Everyone is in the same boat trying to navigate this new way of life, while managing the unique needs of their own.
  • Encourage strong connections between employees; use technology to your advantage and host virtual events! There are endless possibilities – weekly happy hour trivia games, encouraging having coffee or lunch breaks over video chat, etc.

Sending swag is a great way to enforce your company values and to show your employees appreciation. Branded care packages or uplifting items show employees that your company is committed to its’ employees. Personal touches go a long way – does this person have children? What about a pet? Do they have everything they need for their work from home station? For social virtual events you could send out an item for your weekly happy hour. If you want to encourage your employees to get active, why not put together a home workout kit? The solutions are endless, but here are a few products we think your employees will appreciate:

Stay Fit Kits

Help keep your employees happy and healthy with a weekly lunch time Zoom workout session paired with branded fitness equipment.

Work From Home Kits

Do your employees have everything they need for their work from home station? Send them everything they need to feel comfortable and part of a team.

Staff Social Activities

Planning a social happy hour for your employees? Why not send them some themed gifts to use?

Recognize Great Work

Do you have employees going above and beyond and you want to recognize them for their work? Why not give their desk a makeover with a branded office supplies bundle.

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