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Sustainable Promo Products


Due to communication technology being so accessible and fast customers are more informed than ever, and their voices are loud. Whether it be social media, polls, or blogs, consumers are voicing their consumption needs to businesses and enforcing it with their wallets. Currently, their voting dollars are letting companies know that they need to start being more socially responsible with their products in terms of sustaining the well-being of mother earth.   

What are sustainable items?

In a nutshell, sustainable items are essentially products that, in some way, help mitigate pollution and waste plaguing the environment. Whether that be products/packaging that are reusable, bio-degradable, use clean energy, made from recycled material or support green programs from their proceeds. Regardless of which avenue is chosen, it’s considered “sustainable”.

Why is this important?

Several reputable sources state the condition of our planet is currently in a downwards spiral and add that if we don’t start making changes, and fast, our future doesn’t look bright. At this point, this is just common knowledge. So, why should you care? Besides helping the planet you should care because….well…. consumers care, and they care a lot. The green market use to simply be a niche market but is now exponentially growing into a customer standard. Eatery, carry on’s, accessories, apparel, and even the technology market is starting to incorporate sustainability into their products. Consumers are willing to pay extra if it means helping the planet and it is an easy way to build good customer relationship and trust in your brand. Whether you like it or not this trend will keep gaining traction, so don’t get left behind. Start integrating sustainability into your business today with some of these hot products.

Reusable Stainless Straw Set with Eco Tube

Let’s start simple, many companies have already started getting rid of traditional single use plastic straws. The alternative for commercial use is paper straws, and metal straws are now the go to for personal use. This set, in particular, comes with 3 sizes made of stainless steel. Because of the different diameters of the straws they conveniently fit within one another to minimize their storage size. They also come with a wheat straw carrying case and wire cleaner. As an added bonus this set is apart of green program called “ecoSmart” which donates 1% of the proceeds donated to nonprofits dedicated to protecting the planet.

Vert 13oz Wheat Straw Mug

Help make office spaces more sustainable with these stylish wheat straw mugs. Wheat straw is a biproduct of harvested wheat fields that usually contributes to waste.  By using it as an alternative to glass or plastic we decrease its eco-footprint. Available in Beige, charcoal or grey with a custom logo option. Also, part of the ecoSmart program.

Essential 8oz Cotton Grocery Tote

Along with straws plastic grocery bags are one of the biggest hot topics in the current market, highly due to mass volume. Made with beautiful cotton canvas help eliminate hundreds of plastic bags throughout the lifespan of one tote.

FUNCTION Erasable Gel Ballpoint

 Quality ergonomic pens with erasable gel ink. Helps reduce amount of paper waste without decreasing quality. Write freely without fear of making mistakes and know that every erase is helping make our environment cleaner.

Bamboo Fiber Lunch Box with Utensil Pocket

Why bamboo? It grows extremely quick, has zero need for pesticides when growing, and is a strong and durable material. Inside the lunch box is storage for the included utensils and an adjustable divider to allow for several storage configurations. Comes in beige, grey and black and is also part of the ecoSmart program.

Mesh Convention Tote

Another great addition to your grocery shopping trip. Made from riviera cotton, this produce tote will reduce plastic bag waste. Includes interior zipper pouch which is great to store smaller items.

RFID Card holder

Keep your cards safe from digital theft with this wheat straw card holder. RFID technology blocks any unwanted digital data transfers. Another product associated with the wonderful ecoSmart program.

Cotton Drawstring Bag

Elegant string bag made from pre-consumed recycled cotton. Measures at 16.5’’ by 14’’ with customizable logo option. Great for running quick errands and packing light. Partnered with ecoSmart.

3 Piece Travel Pouch Set

Take your sustainable habits overseas with this 3-piece travel pouch. Great for travel accessories or when you need to travel light. Besides being made of recycled, preconsumed cotton, this item is also part of the ecoSmart program.

Zigoo Bottle

Collapsible 18oz bottle made of silicone. 9.2 inches when filled but can collapse to almost half of the height when needed for efficient storage. A big incentive to use as main source of water and decrease use of hundreds of plastic water bottles a year. Durable, lightweight., and BPA free.

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