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  • Navigating the PPE Market with Adam Scher
    Our VP Adam Scher has been at the helm of PPE procurement over the last few months. Listen to his talk on the PPE market and what Score Promotions is doing to secure safety and sanitary products. Looking to purchase PPE or other safety products for your organization? Reach out to us at for a quote now.
  • Keeping Company Culture Alive While Working Remote
    Company culture is one of the most powerful sources of your business’ competitive advantage; culture is hard for competitors to replicate. Culture is as important to your success as your strategy, because it affects your biggest asset – your employees. During the COVID-19 pandemic, and era of social distancing, most organizations have had to implement a virtual workplace quite quickly. If this is a completely new type of work environment within your company, your employees will feel the shift in culture. Your employees may be feeling vulnerable right now, so focusing on their experience is key to… Read More
  • Sustainable Promo Products
    Intro Due to communication technology being so accessible and fast customers are more informed than ever, and their voices are loud. Whether it be social media, polls, or blogs, consumers are voicing their consumption needs to businesses and enforcing it with their wallets. Currently, their voting dollars are letting companies know that they need to start being more socially responsible with their products in terms of sustaining the well-being of mother earth.    What are sustainable items? In a nutshell, sustainable items are essentially products that, in some way, help mitigate pollution and waste plaguing the environment.… Read More