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  • 2021: New Year, New Swag
    When you think of the new year it is often synonymous with goal setting, refreshing, and evolving from the past year. With a year like the one we’ve just had there’s no doubt that your business or brand may want to take on some of these practices by refreshing your brand & messaging. Whether you’re launching a new strategy, tapping into more consumer insights, or even introducing a new product line, improving on your brand for the new year is always a good idea. When making any changes to your brand it is important to always consider… Read More
  • Holiday Items That Are Perfect For Virtual Parties
    The holiday season is quickly approaching and this year holiday events might have to be done differently. An option that could be useful is getting together virtually. Of course it wouldn’t be the same, but there are ways to make the most out of the situation. Virtual get-togethers have been a quite the popular event this year and it looks like it will ride out for longer. We’ve seen them prove their capability through companies running entirely remote to other events, tradeshows and conferences that have transformed into virtual, all being extremely successful. In order to stay… Read More
  • Use Swag Effectively to Drive Connection & Engagement in the Age of Covid
    With the current global situation a lot of the workforce are staying at home. Traditional approaches to marketing such as out-of-home ads and experiential events are no longer a sustainable option for promoting a brand.  So this poses the question of how we can shift our marketing dollars to something that is more suitable in today’s situation. Just because everyone’s staying at  home, doesn’t mean that events should stop happening. The focus must be changed in order to reach the appropriate audience at home. One of the main things about an event is the feeling of the… Read More